Samsung RF4287HARS Review

Samsung RF4287HARS

Compared to other refrigerators, the Samsung RF4287HARS has taken things a step further by providing not one, not two, not three, but four compartments, comprising of two side-by-side compartments and two drawer compartments.  Measuring 35¾ inches x 69 7/8 inches x 36¼ inches, this model has a total capacity of 28 cubic feet, providing ample space without being overly bulky. This French door-designed refrigerator comes in three colors: black, white, and stainless steel. It also includes a water dispenser and dispenses either cubed or crushed ice, depending on the selection made and it can also handle tall glasses and pitchers.


  • Twice the Cooling Power
    With the company’s very own Twin Cooling System, the Samsung RF4287HARS makes sure that any food stored inside will maintain its freshness. This is because the refrigerator and freezer compartments have their own separate evaporators and fan systems that ensure cool air all throughout all sections. 
  • Energy Efficient
    This refrigerator model is Energy Star-rated, meaning it has met federal and industry standards, and one of the ways it has done that is by installing LED lighting instead of the usual refrigerator light bulbs that tend to emit more heat which leads to more energy being wasted.
  • Flexibility for All
    The extra FlexZone drawer that comes with this particular refrigeration unit is purposely at the same height level as the standard kitchen counter, making access to its contents easy enough that even children can grab their favorite snacks without having to wait for their parents to do it for them. This also makes it possible for one to store ingredients that they will need for special meals or gatherings all in a single location, making for better organization. This drawer also has a total of four temperature settings, allowing customization of cooling needs a breeze.


Those wanting to invest in a long-term refrigerator may want to give the Samsung RF4287HARS some serious consideration. It provides a great deal of storage in both the refrigerator and freezer sections and the fact that temperature and other settings can be personalized accordingly makes it easy to see why many who have bought the unit have nothing but rave reviews for it. This would make an ideal purchase for a large family or for those who like having parties and gatherings in their home and enjoy preparing and cooking and also those who want that extra boost of organization and energy efficiency.

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