LG LFX31925ST Review

F6F6F6The LG LFX31925ST 3-Door Refrigerator is the kind of kitchen appliance that fits in well with a home with a family living in it. It has a French door design and comes in three colors: smooth black, smooth white, and stainless steel. Measuring a total of nearly 31 cubic feet, this unit has almost 20 cubic feet for the both refrigerator areas and 10 cubic feet for the freezer area, allowing ample space after a day in the market and grocery. It also includes an ice and water dispenser for easy access to a cool glass of water.


  • Ample Space
    The LG LFX31925ST touts itself as being the first French door-styled refrigerator that is able to offer as much as 30.7 cubic feet in space. It has been designed with both functionality and accessibility in mind, making it possible for maximum storage on the shelves and door bins. It also has a crisper system that has four separate compartments, each one able to glide in and out with ease and with automated humidity controls.
  • Smart Cooling Plus System
    LG puts its technology to good use by coming up with a system that helps food items like fruit and vegetables stay fresh for a longer period of time. Conditions within the refrigerator are digitally monitored in order for them to make any necessary adjustments. Designed OrganizationThis refrigerator makes organization much easier compared to other conventional units, thanks to the drawer system in the freezer that features three tiers stacked on top of one another while allowing access to each one when wanted.
  • Freshness First
    The air filter system ensures that the air within the refrigerator remains fresh and clean so that undesirable odors have no way of sticking to the walls, shelves, or food items.


Anyone seeking a refrigeration unit that does not scrimp on space and is packed with technological advancements that work on digitally controlling things like temperature and humidity may have a winner with the LG LFX31925ST. This model seems to answer the clamor for more space as well as an ice and water dispenser that can accommodate larger glasses and pitchers. It also comes with a child locking system that includes a door alarm to fend off any sudden mishaps. This Energy Star-compliant unit appears to be an investment worth looking into especially for larger families or multiple-occupant homes or spaces.

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